Guide to Choosing the Right Family Holiday Insurance

Choosing the best family holiday insurance is more than getting an online comparison and buying the cheapest option you can find. There is more to what makes a policy worth your time and effort aside from its price.

One of the most important things to bear in mind is that there are many different types of travellers. Individual backpackers might be able to get the best value in a multi-trip policy that costs only £30, but families travelling together have different needs – including the age of the family members, the overall value of their luggage and their itinerary. It is for these reasons that there is no one recommended policy that can fit everyone. Instead, there are crucial factors that you need to take into account when deciding on the best policy for your family.

Do You Go On Multiple Trips?

Family holiday insurance can either be single trip or multi-trip, and the value of each really depends on how much travelling your family does in a year. Multi-trip policies cover any number of short trips within a calendar year; but if your family goes on holiday at least four times in a year, getting a multi-trip option will understandably save you money in the long run – not to mention lessen the hassle of going through the entire process every time you plan a trip. If you think that a multi-trip policy is a viable option, be sure opt for one that will cover the countries you frequently visit or would like to visit and scratch from the list the countries that you won’t go to, as that will affect the final price.

Do You Need Group Coverage?

When getting individual insurance, you only need to think about your personal needs – and most of the time that’s easier. But when choosing the best family holiday insurance, you need to consider every member’s individual needs. Generally, it will be cheaper to buy a policy that covers the entire family rather than one for each member. But again, there are further considerations to think about. For instance, when you get a policy that covers everyone, will that policy allow individual members to travel on their own or does it only stand if you travel together? You will need to find a provider that will be able to provide you with exactly the policy you need, depending on how often you normally travel individually and as a family. It might be difficult to find at first if your needs are specific, but it’s worth the extra effort.

Do You Settle for the Standard Limits or Do You Get Extra Coverage?

Every family holiday insurance policy will have a basic coverage listed. For some families this may suffice, but obviously not all families are alike. The typical standard coverage includes flight cancellation, baggage damage or loss, missed flights, emergency medical assistance and personal liability. However the amount covered may vary, depending on what you choose and on specific details you want to add, such as outdoor activities or sports that you want covered.

3 Questions to Keep In Mind When Purchasing Family Holiday Insurance

In this day and age, purchasing family holiday insurance has become one of the staples of travel – much like having GPS-enabled cameras, phones with 3G capability, or luggage with RFID trackers. While once these items seemed frivolous and unnecessary expenses, over time they have proven that the benefits greatly outweigh the costs. Ever more importantly, they greatly enhance the experience of travel, making it safer, simpler, and more enjoyable – from the moment you leave on your trip to long after you have returned home.

Like the above-mentioned gadgets, family holiday insurance has evolved from being a luxury to an indispensable travel standard. The benefits of having it are multiple and incontrovertible – however, like these gadgets, the benefits are best enjoyed by those who know what they need before they make their purchases (do research) and those who take the time to get to know the capacities of their gadgets (read the manual).

Buying family holiday insurance, like all group-based purchases, can be simpler and cheaper than purchasing a policy for a single person. Listed below are a few questions you need to keep in mind when negotiating an appropriate policy.

Just Who Are Your Family Members?

The definition of ‘family’ has evolved in the modern age. Gone are the days when the unit was automatically Mum, Dad and the kids. Today the term can mean everything from step-parents and step-siblings, to adopted family, extended family, found families, and even family pets! Unfortunately, however, the law’s definition is not as all encompassing as that of society at large. For example, in some standard contracts, ‘family members’ are limited to legally wed parents and children residing at the same address, which can present some problems for children of divorced parents or for grandparents who live elsewhere. The good news is, a reputable company will help customise a policy specific to the needs of your unique situation.

What Are the Ages of Your Family Members?

Just as with most group services, family holiday insurance can mean savings in the form of discounts. However, one of the bases of these discounts is the ages of the group members. For examples, airlines often have promotions where children under a certain age travel with their parents for free or at a huge discount. In the same vein, senior citizens are also subject to special rates. Make sure you discuss the ages of your group members and how they affect your rates when buying a policy.

What Are Your Health Status and Existing Medical Conditions?

Because medical and emergency coverage is one of the cornerstones of insurance, making sure you have clearly and accurately declared the existing health conditions of your family members is imperative. Having your family checked and given a health clearance by your physician for your trip will not only give you greater peace of mind (especially if you are travelling with children or seniors), but it can also greatly simplify the process of seeking reimbursements or claims, should it be necessary.

Top Tips to Ensure a Stress Free Holiday

The holiday season is always hectic, and for many weary “rat racers” that means just one thing: getting out town and heading somewhere sunny and exotic! Forget the snowshoes and thermal underwear – bikinis and suntan lotion are far more popular as our own winter months draw in. The last thing you want when planning a holiday is to encounter more stress, but, fortunately, with a little planning and foresight, including purchasing the right family holiday insurance, you can avoid that.

Listed below are two tips to ensure maximum enjoyment and minimal stress during your next family trip.

Plan For Every Eventuality…

‘Be prepared’ should always be the mantra when going on a holiday, and it’s definitely the best strategy for a family break too. Travelling somewhere new is exciting but it can also be a little daunting, so learning all you can about your destination can help you prepare and enjoy your trip to the fullest. Knowing some insider tips about where you are going will not only help you craft an itinerary that makes full use of the time you have, but it will also give you an idea about what to expect once you get there. This prior insight, as well as your knowledge of your family’s health and needs will also help facilitate what family holiday insurance policy you will need. Another important aspect is your packing – knowing exactly what you will need, including the proper clothes, footwear, medicines, toiletries, and other necessities. But while you need to take certain items, you should also know what to leave out – you’ll want to leave as much room as you can for all the souvenirs you’re going to bring back!

Making sure your travel papers and related documents (such as passports, visas, reservation vouchers, and a copy of your family holiday insurance policy) are complete and readily accessible can also greatly minimise stress.

… Even Those You Can’t Plan For

Heading into the unknown is often part of what makes a new experience so exciting – unfortunately this sometimes means events that no one, not even the most conscientious parents in the world, can plan for. This is where family holiday insurance comes in; reimbursement for lost or stolen luggage (which can be comedic in movies but quite stressful in real life) is just one of the protections provided by a good travel policy. Flights can be cancelled, hotels can go out of business and a country can even suffer political unrest; fortunately, with appropriate cover you are not only covered against financial loss in the event you are forced to cancel or shorten your trip, you are also afforded protections such as evacuation in extreme situations or treatment in the event of medical emergencies or accidents.

A holiday trip, just like life itself, is an adventure – but with a little preparation, you can let yourself relax and enjoy it to the fullest.